Retro Days #4

On Sunday the 27 of May there will be The Retro Days again.

The Party Bus is present for a whole day of music.

And if the weather is fine, you can admire The Party Bus in its full glory...

More details on : www.retrovwdays.com

retro days2012.jpg 

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Das Drag Day #10


The Partybus is invited again for " Das Drag Day #10 "

So if you want to have a hell of a party again...

one adres @ the 22 & 23 of september :

stay tuned for more info at : http://www.autobahn.be/ddday/index.html



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The day before...

On the first of may there is the yearly " Maikäfer Treffen " in Hannover Germany.

( # 29 already )

More info at : http://www.kaefertreffen.de/

But, as always, the evening before there is the " DFL May Cruise Madness "

The previous years at Mel's Diner in Laatzen, but since last year at the parking place near the Burger King.

hannover2011 004.jpg 













Also this year The Partybus is standing between a lot of great cars to do his thing.

With the resident Dj after the mixing table, it's gonna be a musical evening again.

Oh...by the way...could someone let the local police know that we are coming again...Knipogen



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After oil problems ( two times accurately ) on our way to ninove

ninove2012 002.jpg                                                                                                                                                             we finally reached the Wipkap brewery

ninove2012 008.jpg                                

From there we went to the local pub called Roxy's for our sett up  

ninove2012 019.jpgninove2012 020.jpg











and after a good diner with lots of food & beer 

 ninove2012 023.jpgninove2012 025.jpg                                                 








it was PARTY TIME.... 

 ninove2012 026.jpgninove2012 028.jpgninove2012 029.jpg












with DJ's Ivan Mccutcheon, Kinky & Steve G-Spot

ninove2012 030.jpg














The day after I took place behind the Dj-set with me, myself and I....











Once again it was a great season opener and tastes likes more...........

More pictures at http://freddyfiles2012.skynetblogs.be/

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2012 a new musical year...

Also for The Partybus a new year is began...

and it looks it's gonna be a great year :

# Hoping to go digital this year

# Musical performances in Belgium and across the border

# A new design inside

# A new engine in the backside

# ...

But back with the feet on the ground.

As always the first time, The Partybus is rolling out, is for The Freddy Files.

On saterday evening the speakers will blow your ears at " Roxy's " in Ninove centre

On sunday the whole day in the main street of Ninove

More details on :  freddyfiles2012.skynetblogs.be





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