In the beginning...

A few years ago, each year in May, one guy came to pick up the Partybus for an annually VW meeting in Ninove.


Without knowing it was the famous " Fernando" from the Freddy Files, the Partybus was a little bit shy to come out off his shell.


And that was not all of it...


Cold, dark, lonely nights and rainy days,...the Partybus had to suffer it all


Years go by and than in 2007 the same Fernando from Ninove came with the question if the Partybus could come to Chimay for the first " European Bug In ". And there is where it all started...On friday the first of June 2007, the Partybus left his hometown Opwijk with some of his best friends.

EBI 11

Once arrived in Chimay the Partybus thought it went all over again. Cold, dark and rainy...the memories of the recent years in Ninove came back.

EBI 13

But nothing was further than the truth. The same evening none other than Dj Ivan Mc Cutcheon from the UK took place in the Partybus.


And little by little the people asked themselves where that music came from.

EBI 14

The day after the Partybus was the subject of discussion, so on saterdaynight there was more than " just a few people "


And they were all wild, very wild...

EBI 16

Even Ivan went crazy...

EBI 17

At that point the Partybus knew it...THIS CAN NOT GO WRONG ANYMORE...




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Once upon a time...

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stay tuned for the full story of the " PARTYBUS "

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