High In The Sky...

Friday the 24th of June there is the evening fair in Hamme.

As usual the " Flatline-Lowriders " are present that evening.

Like last year the club sells cold drinks ( such as Sangria with fresh fruit and of course the best Mochito cocktail.)

For the second year in a row The Kweenony Partybus is asked to take you for a trip into sound.

Only.....because The Partybus has other obligations, the day after, he will not be present Wenkbrauw ophalenHuilen

BUT...don't worry. The Partybus himself isn't there... but the music is VerrastLachen

And for this year, as atonement, he has something special in mind...

A little bit curious ??? Then don't hesitate a come see it with your own eyes.

( P.S. take a good look at the title of this post...maybe it's just more than a title...)


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