After oil problems ( two times accurately ) on our way to ninove

ninove2012 002.jpg                                                                                                                                                             we finally reached the Wipkap brewery

ninove2012 008.jpg                                

From there we went to the local pub called Roxy's for our sett up  

ninove2012 019.jpgninove2012 020.jpg











and after a good diner with lots of food & beer 

 ninove2012 023.jpgninove2012 025.jpg                                                 








it was PARTY TIME.... 

 ninove2012 026.jpgninove2012 028.jpgninove2012 029.jpg












with DJ's Ivan Mccutcheon, Kinky & Steve G-Spot

ninove2012 030.jpg














The day after I took place behind the Dj-set with me, myself and I....











Once again it was a great season opener and tastes likes more...........

More pictures at http://freddyfiles2012.skynetblogs.be/

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